There are many ways to improve the Instagram account of your law firm, and one of those ways is to focus on being fun yet remaining professional. Here are 10 specific tips to improve your law firm’s Instagram game to consider.

1. Write Captions That Are Compelling

The caption is a big part of what keeps someone engaged with what you’re posting. You don’t have to sensationalize headlines, but you do want to make sure you’re writing something that’s attention-grabbing and provides valuable information.

2. Schedule Your Posts in Advance

By scheduling posts in advance, you can have a consistent level of posts going out to your followers. That keeps them from forgetting about you, and also stops you from posting too many things all at once. Additionally, it can stop you from forgetting to post for a while so your law firm will stay in the minds of your audience.

3. Post to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is becoming a popular option for a lot of people, because they want to find others to connect with and see what people are doing at the moment. Your law firm might not be having big adventures, but there are always great ways you can add to your story. These tips to improve your law firm’s Instagram game are not going to work unless you put them to actual use, and that means posting!

4. Use Hashtags That Are Trending

When you want your law firm to get noticed, trending hashtags can be a great way to help with that. People are always sorting through hashtags on Instagram, and the ones that are the most popular are the ones you want to be a part of. Just make sure you can relate them to your posts so you don’t look like you’re just tagging along without anything to say.

5. Depict the Culture of Your Law Firm

Not all law firms are the same, and the culture of yours may be different from the culture of another one. That’s why you want to show both your culture and your professionalism, so people will notice what you can offer to them.

6. Practice Consistency in Posting

Consistent posting is crucial to keeping an audience. A lot of people will unfollow companies that don’t post very often, because they aren’t getting anything out of the relationship or not having enough interactions. By posting consistently, you reduce that problem.

7. Put a Focus on the Local Area

If you want local clients, you need to appeal to people in the local area. The more you do that, the better your chances of finding common ground with others who want to work with trusted people who are nearby when they have legal needs.

8. Consider Working With a Professional

Some law firms are completely overwhelmed with work and don’t really have the time to post on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Consider choosing a professional to work with, so your firm can keep a strong presence on social media and still get plenty of work done. The best tip to improve your law firm’s Instagram game will not help if you give up because you hit a wall. Work with a professional if needed.

9. Optimize Your Bio to Drive Traffic to Your Site

The bio is what brings in traffic to your site, so make sure it offers good information and the proper links for people to follow. That will give them the opportunity to easily move from Instagram to your site, and get in touch with you there.

10. Understand Your Target Market

These were only 10 Tips to Improve Your Law Firm’s Instagram Game, but there are many more things to consider depending on much time you have to devote to this form of marketing. how Every law firm has a target market based on the kinds of legal issues they handle. Being sure of your target market can help you reach out to the people in it the right way, in order to show them you understand their needs.

You can make your law firm’s Instagram game strong when you follow these tips and focus on using the power of social media to bring in more clients and connect with people in your community. It’s a great way to advertise what you can offer.

Improving Your Law Firm’s Instagram Game Is Not Enough

Look, social media is not the silver bullet you are looking for, but it is a huge element in marketing your firm. That, in addition to video marketing, answering those incoming calls correctly, and other ingredients of the magic potion you read in this blog are building blocks of a solid marketing machine that you should have for your firm.

There are ethical considerations to consider when using social sites such as Instagram. Each state has certain rules of ethics that need to be followed. Of these, New York and California Bars seem to be the most progressive, but please review your own state’s Bar rules in this regard.

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