Law firm video marketing is fast becoming a critical part of digital marketing strategies for lawyers. Some 73% of clients look for video content on social media that is entertaining. You can explain services and procedures with short videos. Also, you can feature quick how-to content in a video format. Instead of offering an elaborate explanation, offer a quick tidbit of information and invite them in for a consultation.

Here are 10 ways to use law firm marketing videos to grow your practice or firm:

  1. Profile It. Law firm video marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to feature your background and expertise. In a few minutes, you can quickly show your clients why they should pick you for their medical or legal needs. Then include a call-to-action to inspire them to act. Invite your clients to sign up for a consultation to learn more. They are also a great entry for your leads into your law firm marketing funnel.
  2. Offer a Preview. Use video marketing as an integrated part of your marketing plan. So, use short videos to highlight special events or upcoming activities. Think about the activities in your community you’re already doing that will allow you to connect with your clients . Then put together a video about your estate planning seminar, or your push to raise awareness for an urgent issue or a local cause. 
  3. Answer Questions. There are lots of frequently asked questions that you and your staff field every day. If you hear many of the same problems, potential clients are likely wondering the same things. They may just be too afraid to ask. The goal with quick answer-marketing videos is to let your clients see that you’re knowledgeable and approachable. You’re giving them the initial information they need, but then inviting them in for a free consultation for a more personalized approach to their situation.
  4. Explain a Topic. You’re the expert in your field and specialization, so why not highlight some of that knowledge in a quick explainer video? You can post a video that highlights a topic that’s popular with your clients. Offer a free download, “subscribe now,” or e-book to give them more in-depth information on the topic. Those lead generation methods will also fill your pipeline. You’ll continue to connect with them in future marketing efforts.  
  5. Tell Your Story. A short video offers a snapshot view of your firm or practice. It can tell your founding story and explain why you’re on this journey. This type of Law Firm marketing video is a way to connect with your clients by showing them why you started your firm or practice. Your story is not a one-and-done clip, either. You can share your continuing journey to deepen your connection and develop a relationship with your clients.
  6. Focus on Your Vision. For example, use a short video to show your vision and mission. Your clients need to know how your vision centers on providing the level of service and care that they need and want. You can send that message to them with a quick video. How are you working on their behalf? What are you doing to keep them? How are their best interests being served?
  7. Make It Fun. The right tone speaks volumes, but sometimes, it’s essential for your marketing messages to share a bit of your personality and what sets you apart. How do you and your staff have fun? What have you done to celebrate your victories and the critical milestones? Indeed, medical and legal matters are not usually something that your clients will look forward to. You can ease their fears and concerns by giving them a quick look into who you all are in a safe and personable way.
  8. Connect Virtually. It doesn’t have to be a live, in-person event. You can invite your clients to a virtual event or even ask them to make a virtual consult appointment. The idea is to give them an idea of what they can expect from the event and include a clear call-to-action that will inspire them to reach out to you to make a more meaningful connection. 
  9. Make It Personal (and Professional). You likely have privacy concerns for and with your clients. However, that does not mean that you are not able to find creative ways to personalize your message for your audience. It’s not enough to send generic messages to your clients. You need to show them you are listening to them, that you’re adjusting your services to meet their needs, and that you are accessible for safe and convenient communication.
  10. Allow for Easy Sharing. With quick videos, you can tell stories, invite them to events or activities, educate them, and offer details about your firm or practice. Also, if you don’t make those videos easily shareable, you’ve lost out on a tremendous marketing opportunity. Your clients will always be your most valuable resources and advocates for your services via referral generation, particularly if you’re giving them quick-and-effortless ways to share.

The effort you put into video marketing is worth the trouble

Videos are critical for your growth and development as a firm or practice. While it will take some planning and time to create really well-done videos, you’ll continue to see results in terms of conversions with clients.

Roll out videos that reflect who you are, but be sure to highlight the quality and accessibility of your services. This will show you are the pro. Video marketing is an excellent way to prove to your clients why they need you. Then, you just give them a way to connect with you to learn more.

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