Law firms are continuously competing with one another to bring in new business. One of the most effective methods available for bringing in new business is content marketing. In fact, in today’s competitive market, your law firm cannot hope to maximize its profitability without a solid content marketing campaign. 

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an effective online marketing strategy that involves the creation and distribution of relevant, useful content. In the case of law firms, content marketing typically revolves around relevant legal topics, including news articles and basic advice. Content marketing is most effective when used in combination with search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO involves optimizing the content you post so that search engines will send more traffic to your law firm’s website. 

5 Reasons Your Firm Needs Content Marketing and SEO

1. Content marketing and SEO draw potential clients. 

One of the primary benefits of SEO-conscious content is the ability to draw people to your law firm’s website or social media presence. When this occurs, you will be able to generate a higher number of quality leads for your law firm’s marketing  funnel

2. Demonstrate your authority with content marketing.

Writing about what you know and do is an excellent way for your firm to position itself as an authority by demonstrating expertise in the field. Great content also gives you an opportunity to draw attention to the other benefits of working with your firm. This includes your background or unique approach to cases. 

3. Keep readers coming back for more. 

When you post useful content, some of your readers will come back to your firm’s blog or website again and again for advice. 

4. Keeps your firm top-of-mind with your content. 

Your posts are an excellent way to gently remind people of your law firm’s presence. When past or prospective clients connect with you online, they will typically receive notifications of your new posts, thus ensuring that they remember your firm when they need services in the future. 

5. Content marketing can spread the news about your business. 

Writing great content combined with SEO can improve your visibility on search engines, but it can also encourage past and current clients to share your firm with their family and friends. For example, when a client sees a relevant article coming from your firm, they may post it to social media and/or forward it to others directly. 

If your law firm wants to be positioned as an authority in the field, effective content is key. However, with so many other things on your to-do list, it can be difficult to set aside time for content marketing. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to automate the process of creating new content. Some ways to simplify content creation include:

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