Some of the most successful attorneys have a large number of positive reviews from happy clients. How did they get them, and, more importantly, can your law firm do the same? With the right techniques, it’s possible to start building up a larger number of reviews from satisfied clients. Then your firm and the attorneys in it can showcase the number of positive, happy clients and use those recommendations to attract additional clients.

Happy Clients Don’t Often Leave Reviews

The biggest problem with online public opinions is that they’re usually left by people who had a poor experience. This could be with a person or the entire firm and they want to vent their frustrations. They often see it as a way to warn others of bad service, but some reviews are unwarranted or inaccurate. Overall, it’s not happy clients who leave reviews. Since they received good service and were happy with their interactions with the firm, they don’t feel the need to post reviews to try to warn people away.

It’s usually the angry or unsatisfied clients who will take the time to review a law firm. They will say something negative about it out of anger or frustration. More often than not, it is the poor phone answering that causes it.

The goal is to get more of the happy clients to leave reviews since the percentage of negative to positive reviews can easily become skewed even with just a couple of negative comments.

Choose Creativity in Asking for Reviews

There are creative ways for an attorney to ask for reviews from happy clients. By providing quality service that clients can appreciate, some of them will naturally do it themselves without having to be asked. But what about the clients who don’t plan to review the law firm, but who are still very happy with the service? Those are the clients the attorney needs to encourage. One of the ways to get these clients to do a testimonial is to use software that will send them text messages and other reminders to review the law firm.

Also, make sure your close-out of each client case involves a request for a sincere evaluation of the firm. A page link or even a postcard are good ways to remind clients. Avoid soliciting reviews for Yelp because this is not allowed. As an example, hand-delivery of the settlement check, if coupled with a request to review the firm, often garners results.

A Law Firm’s Staff Can Play a Big Role

Most of the opportunity will come through the attorney’s staff as a matter of routine. That means the staff needs to know exactly what to do and what to ask for — and how to ask for it — to have the biggest impact. This can be done both effectively and ethically. By incorporating a routine as part of the client close-out for each case file, your law firm can get a higher number of positive reviews. Happy clients’ online evaluations will increase the chances that other potential clients will choose your services, as well.

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To get more good reviews, there are some great ways to ask for them from satisfied clients.

Look to our future post on how to deal with bad reviews and the ethical considerations for an attorney when dealing with them.

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