Do you need some tips on virtual meetings and closing for lawyers? “Virtual is the New Law Firm Reality,” according to a recent article from the American Bar Association.  The ABA even put out a series of videos on how to meet prospective clients virtually.

It seems that COVID-19 is here to stay for the immediate future. Here are some of the question you may be asking right now about doing business in the new normal:

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to automate much of your client procurement and processing.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation using social media posts and crucial content marketing strategies can supplement your marketing and advertising to improve your online presence.  Virtual meetings & closings for Lawyers is here and we need to become masters at it. As people search for legal information, they will see you as an expert.  That improves the likelihood of getting the first contact.

It also improves your search rankings.  While some people will use search terms such as Best lawyer near me.  That’s where your website and location will help direct them.  More often, people will first search for information, such as “How do I sue an insurance company?” or “Can social media be used in a divorce case?”  That’s what content marketing comes in.  If you can provide relevant information for the topics people are searching for, it increases your odds of being the first call.  

Virtually Meet Prospective Clients including Intake and Online Consultations

Once a prospective client makes contact, you can either respond through a receptionist using proper techniques or software. the software can guide them through the virtual intake process.  Before time is spent in an online consultation, the automated intake process can help determine whether the prospect is a good fit for the attorney.  If a prospect clears the screening process, the software can handle the scheduling of a virtual initial consultation without tying up the attorney or support staff.

Online consultations can happen on software such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams – all of which are easy to use and client-friendly. 

Apps can also integrate with law firm calendars and allow prospects to book appointments.  This avoids the back and forth (and time-consuming) process to find a time that works.  Law firms are using low-cost apps such as CozyCal, Acuity Scheduling, Bookafy, or Square Appointments.  Some solutions will handle the scheduling and send out appointment text and email reminders.

Engagement or Retainer Agreements

If the virtual meeting with clients leads to an engagement, apps can be used to automate the sending and signing of engagement and retainer agreements with electronic signatures.  Some common apps that law firms are using include:

An End-to-End System to meet prospective clients virtually

Using an end-to-end virtual process, intake, vetting, and consultations can happen quickly and easily.  This reduces the workload for attorneys and support staff while speeding up the process for clients. 

COVID-19 has conditioned people to change their habits in many ways.  One way is to evaluate products and services based on availability.  People are less price-sensitive than they have been.  Instead, they are shopping for products and services on whether they can get what they want and get it quickly.  The faster you can get them into your system, determine if they are valid prospects, and schedule that first online consultation, the better chance you have to sign them up.

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